David T. Yanda, President • Infinity Properties Ltd.

“I have been buying and selling houses for many years with a number of different real estate agents. Then one day I attended an open house and met with Lina Nikolova, and since then she has been the only agent I have wanted to deal with.
She has a vast knowledge of houses as well as multi-unit investment properties, and always provides me with current market information.
There was one property in my portfolio that I tried unsuccessfully to sell using three different agents, so I let Lina list it and she had it sold within three months…WOW…it was just amazing. I couldn’t believe it; three agents, 9 years; sold in three months!

Lina and I have done about 20 deals now and I look forward to doing more in the future, so I would recommend this fine real estate lady to anyone wanting to buy or sell some real estate in and around the Westman area, because she’ll go the extra mile to make you a satisfied customer.”
– David T. Yanda, President • Infinity Properties Ltd.